Sunday, July 7, 2013

Photo Fiasco

Dear Shidduch Crisis Committee of the Cyber Community (SCCCC),

My friends and I have found ourselves increasingly frustrated with the amount of empty profiles on frum dating sites. If you have taken the time to sign up please put up a picture and some basic information. This can be a wonderful venue to combat the infamous 'shidduch crisis'. However, why would anyone click on a profile that has no photo and an essay that reads "will fill in later" or "I'm in college"? The photo is particularly important and it is not vain for anyone to expect to see one when dealing with a perfect stranger. So take out your iPhone, go outside under a tree, and take a photo of yourself. Just a face will do, this should not require excessive preparation. If you are looking to find the right one for you, put in a bit more effort and you just may reap some benefits. Down with the crisis!

May we hear good news soon,
2 short girls


  1. Except if you are making a duck which case, save the picture, it doesn't belong on a dating site!

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